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Welcome to the Narrative Enneagram Finland website!

This website introduces you to a group of Narrative Enneagram teachers, their services and the teacher training in Finland.  Our training program is licensed by Enneagram Worldwide www.enneagramworldwide.com

Enneagram in the narrative tradition

The narrative approach, sharing stories, is central to our work. Man is a naturally narrative being, who integrates his life and creates connection with others through telling stories. The Narrative Enneagram training and methods are built on this.  In our courses and events the nine perspectives of the Enneagram create a dynamic framework for the narratives and for developing self-awareness.

The Enneagram teachers on this website are people with different kinds of backgrounds and a great variety of professional competence. We believe in applying the Enneagram specifically in the areas of one’s own personal competence and experience.

Not only do we think that what we apply is important – in this case the Enneagram model - but also how we apply it. Therefore we embrace the values of Enneagram Worldwide www.enneagramworldwide.com.

Most of us are active in the Finnish Enneagram Association, which was founded in 1995 and is an International Enneagram Association Affiliate www.internationalenneagram.org. We also actively attend and present at international conferences.

We teach mainly in Finnish, but some of us also teach in English, Swedish, Russian or some other language.  See teachers’ list to find out more Kaikki ohjaajat.